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Your smile is a valuable asset,
very well-worth protecting.


Taking a proactive approach to protect the health and longevity of your smile is easy with custom-fit mouthguards by our Raleigh, NC dentist. At Southern Dental Arts, Dr. Staehling offers protective sports mouthguards and nightguards that are safer and more comfortable than any boil-and-bite guards you’ll find at your local drugstore.

For anyone who plays contact sports, there is always the risk of injury to the face and mouth. Much like wearing a helmet protects an athlete from head injury, wearing a sports mouthguard protects the bone, gums and teeth from injury and can even reduce the possibility of concussion. Store brand mouthguards cannot protect the mouth as well as one that is customized to fit your mouth perfectly; often, they are too bulky and designed of lesser quality materials that may even be damaging to the facial muscles and jaw. By wearing a quality mouthguard that is custom-fit to your exact needs, your face and smile will get the maximum protection they need during any contact sport.

Some people grind or clench their teeth, causing extensive damage to their tooth structure and bite alignment. This wear and tear of the mouth may lead to muscle tension, headaches, and the need for complex restorative dentistry. A custom-fit nightguard is designed of quality materials that match the needs of your unique smile and can be worn comfortably during sleep, protecting the health and strength of your teeth and bite.

It’s important to us that your natural smile stays healthy and is long-lasting. For more information about preventive dental care, including mouthguards in Raleigh, contact Southern Dental Arts to schedule your comprehensive exam with Dr. Staehling.

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