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Metal-Free Fillings

Metal-free dental fillings by Raleigh, NC dentist, Dr. Staehling, are a more attractive and conservative alternative to traditional metal fillings. Patients love metal-free fillings because they look and feel natural, restoring a tooth that was affected by cavities in a way that is virtually unnoticeable by the patient or the people they interact with.

Designed of tooth-colored composite materials and strong bonding properties, metal-free fillings are a more accurate way to restore a tooth without compromising its natural structure. Because the material is bonded directly to the surface of the tooth, less of the healthy tooth structure needs to be removed to prepare it for the new filling. In fact, metal-free fillings bond to the tooth in such a way that they are known to add strength and durability to a weak tooth.

Dr. Staehling carefully applies the composite in such a way that it blends naturally with the rest of the tooth structure in appearance and function. A metal-free filling can be formed to match the color and anatomy of the natural tooth so that the filling not only looks good, but feels comfortable with the bite. Once a metal-free filling has set, the tooth is healthy, strong, and completely natural-looking.

As a conservative way to restore a cavity-damaged tooth, metal-free dental fillings in Raleigh by our dentist preserve and protect the longevity of your natural smile. Contact Southern Dental Arts to schedule your visit with our qualified dentist, Dr. Staehling.

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