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Inlays & Onlays

Dr. Staehling offers beautiful onlays and inlays in Raleigh to guests who are looking for a tooth restoration that is stronger and more conservative than a standard filling. Inlays and onlays are custom-designed much like a crown by our dental lab, using ceramic materials for the most eye-pleasing appearance, and offer a perfect fit within each patient’s unique bite. In just two office visits, you can have a quality restoration that provides long-lasting durability and protection without compromising the appearance of your smile.

The strong bonding techniques of inlays and onlays provide the natural tooth a great amount of preservation and protection. An inlay is used much like a standard filling, treating teeth that have been damaged by minimal to moderate decay of the teeth. An onlay, sometimes called a partial crown, is great for treating more extensive damage, and covers more of the tooth structure while still allowing minimal preparation and maximum strength. This is one of the greatest advancements in dentistry, allowing improvement in both cosmetic and functional properties. In fact, an onlay is a great alternative to a dental crown when the damage is not too extensive, and may prevent the need for a crown later on.

Our inlays and onlays are designed of ceramic materials customized to match the translucency and color of your tooth enamel. These materials are also very strong and stain-resistant, making each restoration long-lasting in both durability and appearance. When placed by our dentist in Raleigh, inlays or onlays will provide you the best protection and most attractive appearance, meant to strengthen and protect your natural tooth structure for a lifetime.

At Southern Dental Arts, Dr. Staehling is committed to offering the most minimally-invasive dental treatments that provide the best protection for the longevity of your natural teeth. Providing inlays and onlays in Raleigh is one way he accomplishes this. For comprehensive family, restorative, preventive and cosmetic dentistry, visit Southern Dental Arts.

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