Root Canal Raleigh Therapy Dentist and Patient Examining an X-Ray
Root canal therapy saves a tooth that would
otherwise be lost, with a success rate of over 95%!

Root Canal Therapy

Comfortable root canal therapy by Raleigh dentist, Dr. Staehling, is designed to free your tooth from infectious tissue so it can be saved. Without root canal therapy, the likelihood of a tooth being lost due to serious damage or decay is very high. Our goal at Southern Dental Arts is to preserve and restore the health of your natural tooth structure by any means possible.

While root canal therapy carries the stigma of being a painful dental procedure, Dr. Staehling has the right technique and tools to make treatment virtually painless. Root canal therapy involves removing the affected enamel and diseased tissue, and disinfecting the space. Next, the space will be filled and should be capped with a porcelain crown to restore function and protect the tooth from any further damage. Root canal therapy has become a standard dental treatment that is completely comfortable and leaves your tooth looking and feeling naturally healthy.

Dr. Staehling provides long-term protection of your teeth and gums by the most conservative means possible. Root canal therapy in our Raleigh office is designed to make you feel better, never worse, through comfortable treatment that improves the form and function of your natural smile. Schedule your next appointment with Southern Dental Arts.

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